Minecraft ocean monument guide


Minecraft ocean monument guide

There are many secret structures in Minecraft that players can explore. One of these is the ocean monument. The ocean monument is the most difficult structure to explore. Players must be prepared to conquer this monument.

Ocean monuments can be attacked at any time players approach them. It can be difficult to enter the ocean monument and win. With the right tools, and a strategy, players can defeat all three elder guardians as well as the guardians, and take control of the monument.

There are many weapons and ways players can win in Minecraft, but here are five tips that will help you win at the ocean monument.

5) Use the Enchanted Trident

Enchanted tridents are a great weapon that players can use to fight in the ocean monument. Tridents can be returned to the player with good enchantment and can cause lethal damage to guardians.

4) Use water breathing potions

There are many useful potions that Minecraft players can use to fight. Players may have difficulty breathing when fighting against ocean monuments. Multiple water breathing potions may be used to help players stay within the monument and defeat guardians at once.

3) Create an Axolotl Army

Axolotls, the most adorable predators, were added to the game recently with Caves and Cliffs updates. These mobs attack all underwater mobs, guardians and elder guardians included. Players can gain their trust and fight against hostile mobs with them if they become friends.

2) Use conduits

After defeating the ocean monument, many players use conduits to get prismarine blocks. To give players its powers, conduits can be strategically placed within the ocean monument. They can locate a place where the conduits can be activated and put them to use.

1) Break Guardian's line-of-sight

This is a great way to win the ocean monument without taking any damage from guardians. After they charge their laser with the eyes, guardians can only attack players from afar. Players who move and cross their line of vision will not be able attack Guardians.