Biggest differences between education and bedrock editions


Biggest differences between education and bedrock editions

Minecraft Education Edition is a Minecraft version that was created for educational purposes. Minecraft Education Edition is a re-release of Minecraft's Bedrock Edition. It can be used in classrooms around the globe. It is a useful and fun resource that can be used by both students and teachers.

Although Minecraft Education Edition is influenced by Bedrock Edition there are some key differences. Here's a list listing the five most significant differences between Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Bedrock.

5) Zombie Pigmen

The Zombie Pigmen are neutral undead mobs that can be found within Minecraft's Nether dimension. In Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, this mob was renamed to the zombified Piglin. The Education Edition keeps the original name of zombie pigmen.

4) Code Builder

Minecraft Education Edition has a feature called Code Builder that allows students to learn code by engaging in a range of activities. Students have the option to choose from three editors that they can use in-game. These editors include Microsoft MakeCod and Microsoft notebooks.

After students have chosen an editor, they will meet with the Agent. This mob can be programmed for any task, including building or farming. Minecraft Education Edition is the only place to get the Agent and Code Building.

3) Characters that are not players

Students can interact with non-player characters, also known as NPCs. There are many appearances that NPCs can make in-game. These all use the villager mob model as a basis. The appearance of an NPC is only one of many customizable options.

World builder permissions allow players to edit the appearance, name, or dialog of an NPC. Students can interact with NPCs for information, instruction, or links to other resources.

While NPCs technically exist in Minecraft Bedrock Edition they are not accessible to Minecraft players who have Education Edition enabled.

2) Classroom Mode

Minecraft Education Edition features a unique feature called Classroom Mode. This feature allows educators and students to access a range of features that have been created to allow students to interact in a controlled multiplayer gaming environment.

1) Chemistry

Minecraft's chemistry system, one of Education Edition's most interesting features, is a great way for students to learn about Chemistry. This can be done using a variety interactive features.

Students can use blocks like the Element Constructor or the Compound Creator to create elements and compounds according to their atomic structures. In-game, you can find all 118 elements from the periodic table.